Tôi sẽ chết vì họ

Tôi sẽ chết vì họ

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3 thoughts on “Tôi sẽ chết vì họ

  1. diamond says:

    When my son was about 2, we were at the grocery store. We were at the deli counter, and there was a young guy working there who just looked beaten down and exhausted. I was asking him about the potato wedges, and he asked me if I wanted to try one of them, so I said “sure!” He gave me one, and then he gave one to my son. I said, “Say thank you to the nice man”, and my son looked at him and, in the most sincere voice possible, said “Thank you, nice man.” The guy laughed, and I felt good that my son was able to brighten his day just a little bit.

  2. jackatman says:

    When my youngest was learning letter sounds and how to spell by sounding things out he came to me one morning and proudly declared

    Fank you starts wiff a F

    You’re right Lil buddy. It sure does.

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