Tôi đã đạt được Độc lập chưa?

Tôi đã đạt được Độc lập chưa?

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21 thoughts on “Tôi đã đạt được Độc lập chưa?

  1. Strong-Raise-6634 says:

    I cooked today and I am not moved out yet and I am 14 so I am cool now 😎. maybe not. But I think that so I DONT CARE. Maybe a little but. I know the feeling. Its a cute cat btw. I know long comment but ist ok. Btw why are you reading this. Go watch diferent stuff. Bye

  2. Cannanda says:

    Whenever I cook my kitten likes to sit very politely in the back of the kitchen. Sometimes I bring a chair into the kitchen so he can watch. He just wants to see whats going on.

  3. Zach20032000 says:

    I’ve put on a second identity. When I visit my parents I cook for them and I spend hours in the kitchen, but when I’m home I’m proud when I manage to make myself some noodles

  4. alpha_centauriOK says:

    My parents were teaching me some basic cooking up until I moved to another city

    I’m glad they taught me that, even if I looked uninterested

  5. Matilda_Louis says:

    The cat in the background portrays your brother who is staying with you after his divorce and never learned HOW TO FUCKING COOK I SWEAR TO GOD LUKE GET OUT OF MY GODDAMN HOUSE BEFORE I BURN YOU DOWN WITH IT

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