Những chiến thắng nho nhỏ: ‘)

Những chiến thắng nho nhỏ: ‘)

Small victories :’) from wholesomememes

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43 thoughts on “Những chiến thắng nho nhỏ: ‘)

  1. psychpopnprogncore says:

    i got a voicemail from my mom while i was at work. she went to the mall by herself to get her ears pierced. she was really nervous the whole time and was really proud of herself. she had a brain aneurism about 15 years ago and has memory issues since then. she almost never goes out by herself. i was really proud of her

  2. JuniperFuze says:

    Just yesterday I ran into a lady’s cart TWICE and knocked a wall display down…. just why. Honestly never had a trip that stupid and now I’m worried I literally cannot function out there.

  3. Issvera says:

    Yesterday I went apple/pumpkin picking and everyone there was so wholesome and friendly. I was able to come out of my shell a little. Discussed apple varieties with another lady wondering what to do with our pies since the granny smiths weren’t ripe yet. Complimented a random guy on the pumpkin he found. It was a good day, I’m proud.

  4. yorneytheduck says:

    I had to go to Spar to buy some chocolate for friendship week at my school and used the self checkout wrong and wanted to died right there and then

  5. giraffeperv says:

    I really relate to this! I either won’t go to the store at all, or I’ll go in quick and not get everything I wanted.. let’s just say we order DoorDash a lot

  6. Moist-Energy-7937 says:

    I wish I could get through stuff like that lol major problems I shop at night less people, I also prefer to not go anywhere stay home and mind my business only time I leave the house is for work

  7. GatrickSwayze says:

    Bruh, if one person is in the same section I’m trying to get to, I’ll walk around and pretend to look at something else until they’re done.

  8. action_lawyer_comics says:

    Ever since the pandemic, I always buy myself a “survived another day in this apocalyptic hellhole” treat. It helps a lot.

  9. Dragonkingf0 says:

    The worst part is when you leave to go to the store because no one’s home and then you get back and the house is full of people so you just sit in your car for an hour wondering what you’re going to do.

  10. Delta_Sight says:

    I have mild autism and have struggled with this for a large portion of my life. I still do sometimes.

    When I was 14 or 15, I decided for the first time that I would try walking down to the local gas station by myself to get some snacks. I was so nervous the whole 5 minute walk there, but I did it, and I was so proud of myself afterwards.

    To anyone else struggling with similar issues, know that you are not alone, and that there is a way to get past it. Take your time, do what you can, and celebrate the small victories. You’ve got this =).

    (Edit: I probably could have formatted/phrased this better, but I hope it makes sense, and that someone finds this helpful)

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