Mọi thứ không chỉ có tiền ..

Mọi thứ không chỉ có tiền ..

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27 thoughts on “Mọi thứ không chỉ có tiền ..

  1. Ok-Helicopter-8819 says:

    “teachers are able to find joy in their work therefore they don’t actually need a living wage.”

    interesting title you chose there

  2. silvercandra says:

    Okay so… I want to share a story here. It’s pretty long, but maybe someone wants to read it.

    I’m from europe, so school works a bit differently here… what’s important is that you have each lesson with the same group of people, no matter the subject, and at my highschool, every class had a teacher assigned to help us out with things and basically just be the first person we could go to if we had trouble with something…

    My class was known as the art class… of with other words, the problem class. Our teachers always said we were the most pleasant group of students they had, however, pretty much all of us struggled with one or more subjects and half of the class had mental health issues… and I’m not talking about teens being sad one day and thinking they’re depressed. Nope, all kinds of disorders all over the place…

    Well, let me get to the actual story… For years out assigned teacher was Mr. L… He… was the most horrible teacher I’ve ever met in my entire life and I’ve met some horrible teachers… but this guy took the cake. He’d constantly humiliate people and made more than one girl in my class cry… he actually got one girl expelled. But this man made a mistake… He hated me with a passion and one day, I was crying my eyes out in his class. He pulled me aside, asked if I was okay and I actually thought he’d be nice this time, because my dad had died just the day prior and I told him as much… this absolute garbadge man told me that that has nothing to do with school, so I need to shut up because it’s disrupting his class… I got him fired for that.

    But before he left, he made me absolutely dread going to school. Any excuse I could find not to show up, I’d take… I got kicked out for being gone pretty much every second day… But before they kicked me out a new school year started and Mr. L was gone for good… That year was the best year of my life, because it was the year Mr. K was assigned my class.

    This guy… This. Guy. Was the most amazing teacher of all time. He actually cared about us and wanted us to succeed… a few weeks in, he put a small mail box up at the front of the class room, where we’d all throw a letter into every wednesday, even if it was blank, just so the people who had a problem and couldn’t come to him in person got a chance to tell him about it… He wasn’t just a caring teacher either, he was also just really good at teaching stuff… And he was also someone who understood, that not everyone is good at the same things.

    He was our math teacher and well, I suck at math… what I don’t suck at though, is english, which he barely speaks a word of. He helped me pass his class, because he knew I wasn’t stupid, math was just my kryptonite…

    Mr. K is the reason I stopped dreading school. I loved going during the time he was my teacher. He’s the reason I want to become a teacher as well, and while it’s not going to be easy thanks to all the unrelated issues I have, it’s just the thing I want to do… This man, became a father figure for me after I lost two… he gave me back a bit of hope, that I can d something good with my life and find a way to help people… I want to be a teacher too, so maybe one day I can hep another struggling kid…

    Last thing I’ve heard of him is that he’s now teaching at a school for disabled people. He was fired in the middle of my last school year (which is that actual reason why I dropped out of school back then), because someone falesly accused him of… well, you can probably guess.


    Tl;dr: Had a terrible teacher who almost made me give up, followed by an amazing teacher who became a father figure and made me want to become a teacher myself

  3. x-Wolfie-Anime-x says:

    My 5th grade teacher was awesome. She made jokes when teaching so we could understand the lesson better, bought us snacks, and sometimes gave us a break when we weren’t supposed to have a break. And for her birthday half the class bought her expensive gifts. She definently deserved them. I can assure you that she wasn’t doing it for the money.

  4. WeebSsamm says:

    My Filipino and ESP Subject Teacher just does not stop giving us Activities to do. Everytime our online classes finishes she always barrages a metric fuck ton of activities to do while the other teachers just gives out one or maybe two per week while she gives out both Performance Tasks and activities. The Performance Tasks are a huge chunk of our grades and she gives out Performance Task like Activities almost every week always wearing us down and the Activities are still important but not as huge as performance tasks whil other teacher’s activities are just to answer these questions 1-10 whil our Filipino and ESP teacher makes us write long ass poems make a presentation version of them and then makes us film our poems with the proper criteria and the deadline for that shit is just 2 or if she’s generous, 3 days. Its just absurd and she’s the reason i only get a few hours of sleep…

  5. Bedheadredhead30 says:

    Aww I love this. Makes me think of my cardiovascular sonography lecturer. He’s so enthusiastic even though we are online, by far my favorite teacher.

  6. PirateArtemis says:

    This is more a snarky meme than wholesome.

    As a former teacher, I’ve done just as rewarding jobs for more money and less time commitment.

  7. ImARetPaladinBaby says:

    Unless you’re in Canada. Our teachers are among the best paid in the world. My mother was talking to a principal in Minnesota and she said the teachers here are paid more than she is. However, just a small cut to their payments, and they start using us as propaganda for them to get more money. I remember, every teacher I’ve had said they don’t care about how we do, they just want to get paid. Don’t mind my mini rant haha

  8. Dizzy_Green says:

    The fact is if you’re not paying them well, even the people that legitimately love teaching will be beaten down and give up on it.

    It’s not fair to expect someone to live on charity alone.

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