Im lặng lên tiếng.

Im lặng lên tiếng.

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15 thoughts on “Im lặng lên tiếng.

  1. LordXavion says:

    That’s cute but not always true. Try to get help when you need some. People around you don’t always see that you have problems even though if you think it’s pretty clear

  2. DOOMboi1214 says:

    I’ve gotten so good at hiding it/not showing it no one notices unless it’s something different, I hide it unintentionally most of the time anyway

  3. mks04201965 says:

    This is so true. Ppl in crisis rarely talk about it. Isolate themselves so it sometimes takes that one special person to recognize there is a problem

  4. lioneaglegriffin says:

    Had a friend going through a depressive episode and I noticed she was less active online so I messaged to ask if she’s doing alright.

    But this isn’t an absolute, sometimes people don’t notice and still care.

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