Ai sẽ cho nó 4-5 sao?

Ai sẽ cho nó 4-5 sao?

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17 thoughts on “Ai sẽ cho nó 4-5 sao?

  1. t0dt0d says:

    Quảng and his fellow devs, I guess. Tbh I really don’t understand why we have quotes and yin calendar features in this app. Useless and terrible UX. Not to mention the lack of security. Won’t install this unless I have to.

  2. nguyendinhduyjp says:

    I try to get a phone verification code 3 times all fail 1 close but expired ’cause they send the code like 15 minutes late and other time dont even send anything

  3. ComradeH_VIE says:

    If it works, it works. IF.

    Besides, you have to remember that it is just Bluezone rebranded. Some of those 4 or 5 stars might be from last year.

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